Before the Great Spirit (from Quiet Heart)


The Warrior stands before the new sun,

Gently singing his words of thanks,

Asking the Great Spirit for courage.

The Medicine Woman stands nearby,

Whispering her prayers,

And raising her bundles in thanks to the Great Spirit.

The Wise Elder stands away from the others, all the others.

He is silent, his eyes lowered.

His prayers are nothing but a vacant, silent breath,

Thoughtless and unmoving.

His heart seeks nothing and is therefore filled.

He moves beyond the Great Spirit, wordless and simple,

Knowing that what he seeks

Is that which came before the Great Spirit.

Knowing there are no needs, no imperfections, no actions.

Knowing that his words of thanks

Are embodied in the dance of living and dying.

It is the Wise Elder who understands the True Path.

He no longer needs the strength of the Warrior

Or the wisdom of the Medicine Woman.

He is darkness and at peace.


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