Excerpt: Disconnections

America is dying, but in an unexpected way. Despite the often paralyzing predictions of the last forty years of the twentieth century, our final moments will not be accompanied by brilliantly white, irradiated skies or the horrible, lingering death first wrought upon the world at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. A genocidal enemy will not overrun America from beyond our shores; we will not succumb to an insidious, mutated microbe that has been thrust upon us from an unnamed pocket of jungle landscape that has been leveled in the name of profit. Domestic extremists will not succeed in their ultimate goal, foreign terrorists will continue to be held at bay, and our government, despite its oft-teetering posture in recent years, will remain intact. Global warming and an increasingly poisoned atmospheric mantle over our heads will not be the hand of Azrael that finally strikes against our culture and the world.

America will probably not survive that long.

Our culture will pass into history quietly, and at our own hands. We will succumb to something absurdly common and well within our ability to overcome—disconnectionism spawned by our own uncontrolled violence. America will follow the worn, historical path to Armageddon that has been the fate of so many other great cultures. We will perish because we have forgotten who we are and because we have lost the willingness to play by the game-rules of our own species. In less than three centuries, despite our incredible accomplishments and successes, we have set a course to the shores of oblivion because we have chosen to live our lives by proxy, accepting violence as a cultural tradition and thereby establishing ourselves as victims of it. We will finish our days in violence as something more than an historical footnote, and something far less than what we could have been. We will become the final victims of our own uncontrolled penchant for violence.

This is the story of America’s final years and how we came to stand on the precipice of self-annihilation at our own hands. It is a short chronicle of how a once great culture, founded on sound principles and fueled by ingenuity and diversity, gave itself over to uncontrolled violence and became lost in the labyrinth of disconnectionism. It is not a fictional account of a mythical nation, cruelly overrun and snuffed out despite its commitment and valor. This is a dark recitation of what we have become, what we have lost, and why America has been made blind to its own purpose, and its own survival.

Hopefully, there is still time for an epilogue.



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