Excerpt: Thick Ankles

First Precept of the Thick Ankle Society

The first occult teaching is simple enough to comprehend: the boomer generation has royally fucked up America and,in the process,the rest of the world.
They are a catastrophic disappointment to the Merovingians and the rest of the universe.

The first precept is occult because no one wants to admit to it, especially the boomers who made it happen, who invented the strategy. It’s number one because everything that has happened derives from it, sort of like the popular aphorism,“shit runs downhill.” In boomer-speak that’s what being first is all about. It’s also the most important of all teachings, even though you might not like it. You’ll figure out why by reading on. But in true boomer style, who cares if you don’t like it? I’m a boomer and I don’t.

You can make this all go away by just putting the book back in its occult corner of the Thick Ankle Society, from whence it came. However, be mindful of the downhill effects of bad karma, which is boomer-speak (BS) for getting your butt kicked.

If you’re a boomer, get ready for some payback. You’ve got it coming, man. If you’re not, well, you’ll know who to blame when you’ve finished reading.


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