OpEd: Vote for Werner

Werner Heisenberg

I was engaged in some archaeological surfing of your Mighty Chronicle
today and stumbled upon an interesting artifact. It was a letter
written in December 2011, promoting an alternative to our customary
House of Representatives electoral system, the GOOOH movement (Get Out
of Our House).

The name is catchy. It’s hard not to like GOOOH.

However, GOOOH is not the only alternative. There is also WHUP, the
Werner Heisenberg Uncertainty Party, which should receive equal
consideration from your readers.

As I’m sure you know, Heisenberg was the father of the Uncertainty
Principle. Sadly, Heisenberg died in 1976, and that’s for certain.
However, his legacy lives on and has the potential to reinvent our
electoral system with the same effectiveness as GOOOH.

So, we all have a choice. It can be GOOOH or WHUP.

The WHUP has always been dedicated to the mathematically proven
mandate that we can never know anything for sure. Our politicians at
all levels have been members of the WHUP (secretly) and have
steadfastly aligned themselves with the fundamentals of uncertainty.
Sadly, this is only known to a few.

Since GOOOH has gone public, so now is the white-hot light of the
Mighty Chronicle fallen upon WHUP. We all now have an equally
uncertain opportunity for democratic alternatives.

You may visit WHUP at its own website, if you are certain of its location.

Michael D. Kelleher, PhD
Secret Member of WHUP and Regional Imperator


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