The Way of the Mother (from Quiet Heart)


The Wise Elder has long sat with the Mother,

In silence, in learning,

In grasping the wondrous circles and spirals of Her design.

He knows that there can never be only a single,

Simple thing along his path.

All must be two, then one, then two again.

The beauty he witnesses

Is spawned from the ugliness of the path he walks.

The ugliness that slows his way

Is soon replaced by Her beauty,

And replaced again and again, without end.

The Wise Elder knows that

His work is only easy after it has first become difficult.

His sees only the high hills from the low valleys,

Knowing that the low valleys wait to succor

The high hills in their time.

He sees the endless cycles of change,

The infinite circles and the spirals.

He knows that what seems so true today

Cannot be true tomorrow.

He has learned the First Great Lesson of the Mother.

The Wise Elder accepts Her dance

And commits to change nothing

Because he, too, is the circle and the duality.

By changing nothing that the Mother has set in motion

He becomes her happy companion.

This is his great wisdom.



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