Tweaking Zodiac Fans

To: Sky Valley Chronicle

I was surfing over rice krispies this morning and fell into your Chronicle website. Purposeless, I was dragged into your Photo of the Day from October 2, 2011 — a Zodiac killer letter. You noted that anyone who could solve the case would become fabulous in all ways, everywhere.

What wise words you wrote!

Back in the days when people read books, I published several on serial killers, mass murderers, and their ilk. Sadly, one of them was about Z-Man himself (This is the Zodiac Speaking). It’s been about ten years now. The book was a mistake, driven by my persuasive literary agent and an inbred fascination with the macabre. Thanks, though, I’m over it now.

My point is that your point is a good point. Surf the web for sites about the Zodiac killer and you’ll find more suspects than hair on a hedgehog. Everyone and their mother/father/uncle is the killer, and everyone knows it. Everyone would like that free lunch you mentioned. There really isn’t that much interest in the case, just what the case can do for you. In other words, the Z-Man publicity machine roles on, strong as ever. He started it and, by gosh, he will end it, with all of us along for the tow. Urg!

Still, there is one, tiny area left to drag out in the open. It’s the killer’s ciphers.

Those coded messages are his words, real and true to the Z-Man. Based on the one that has been broken, they are probably more of the same diddle-do that made him such a media star all those years ago. Still, there are always possibilities, as Spock said. Perhaps there is something hidden behind all those neatly scribbled symbols that freaked the Bay Area out so badly back then.

So, if there is ever to be a free lunch from the case, it will probably go to those few, hardy, tenacious folks who keep chipping away at Z-Man’s ciphers. At least they are chasing something real in the case.

Thanks for hooting me with your Z-Man piece.

Michael D. Kelleher, PhD


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