DB Cooper Investigation

Cooper SketchSeveral years ago, I was asked to present a case overview to investigators involved in the infamous DB Cooper hijacking case. The original seminar was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation to a closed audience. This presentation was also converted to a PDF file for the participants. Although the conversion process left a few unwanted artifacts and formatting issues, it accurately reflects the original presentation.

The case of DB Cooper (more correctly, Dan Cooper) remains unsolved.

Here is the PDF version of the original presentation: Vector 23


10 thoughts on “DB Cooper Investigation

  1. There were suspects in the D. B. Cooper case. They were Robert Wesley Rackstraw (had a black Kenny Rogers like beard) and William Pratt Gossett. Officially, it’s unknown.

  2. William Pratt Gossett was the real DB Cooper, according to an attorney named Galen Cook. Gossett’s photo looks like the FBI’s drawing of Cooper. Gossett changed his first name to Wolfgang (later shortened to Wolf, or Wolfie) in 1977. How many men in their mid to late 40’s do that? I think attorney Cook got it right.

  3. I knew Bob Rakestraw and I believe him to have been D.B. Cooper. Bob was a helicopter pilot and had access to one at that time. He also had been a paratrooper in the Army. Bob was a very flamboyant and aggressive man with brass balls. I meet him when I went to work in Iran in 1978 as an instructor pilot for the Iranian Army. Bob was extradited and sent back as a suspect in the case. When we left the US he had a large amount of cash and planned to go on the run. Even before I found out about the Cooper thing, he had impressed me as one of the most interesting people I have ever known. We partied together before leaving for Iran and he was one crazy dude. Cooper or not he was unforgettable!!!

    • How old was Robert Rackstraw in 1971 and did he smoke as the composite drawing states Dan Cooper was aprox. Mid 40’s and a heavy smoker. A darker skin color and smooth skin ? Rackstraw can easily grow a beard.

  4. Niece, Marla Cooper who says she saw her uncle Lynn Doyle Cooper badly injured the day after thanksgiving in 1971 could be of great interest since she saw his injury’s and maybe she can describe the type and location of those injury’s and see if they match any scares or marks on Robert Rackstraw.

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