Writers Workshop: Never on Sunday


Write every day,” they say. Bunk, I say!

It’s common advice but, I believe, wrong-headed. It’s good to keep writing. I have no argument with that advice. For some of us, a writing schedule is important. It’s a way of keeping sharp and staying on track. There’s also the argument, which I believe, that the more you write, the better writer you will become. All of this is nice, probably critical advice to some, but it’s not the only way.

At an important but unspoken level, writing is a journey of self-discovery. Now is the time to assess your writing career from that unique point of view. Here’s how I deal with the issue.

I try to never write on Sundays. Now, there’s nothing particularly important about my choice of that day off. Rather, it has everything to do with giving myself enough mental space to continue writing and do it as well as I can. For me, Sunday is a play day, free of the physical side of putting words on paper.

Most writers are writing even when they’re not writing. Like that sentence? No, I don’t either, but it makes a point. Writing happens as much in your head as it does on paper, right? If fact, from my point of view, this head-writing, mental process, is more important than putting pen to paper. It is in this space and place, somewhere between my ears, that writing begins. I suspect this is true for most writers, maybe all of them. So, even when you’re not writing, you’re writing. Get it?

Sunday is my day away from pen and paper. It’s the day I use to let my mind wander through the endless possibilities of writing without having to do the work of actually putting a word on a page. It’s a fun day, a day that I always anticipate. It’s also the day that gives me new and interesting material for the future. No deadlines on Sunday. Period.

It’s a good thing to let your writing-mind have some fun and some time off. We all need rest and a chance to pause just enough to look around at new ideas. For me, this happens on Sunday.

Have a Sunday deadline? Well, there’s always Monday, or Tuesday, or . . .


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