Writers Workshop: Writer’s Test

"Writing on the wood is prohibited."...

Although I’ve been writing for well over 40 years, that’s not my whole life. I’ll bet you have the same feeling about your life, right? Sure, it’s a big part of how we define ourselves but it’s still not the totality of things. I like to have fun, to smile and laugh, to be captivated by anyone who takes a slightly offbeat view of themselves and the rest of the universe. Don’t you?

So, let’s just have a little fun today. What can be better than taking a tiny poke at ourselves and our passion. Some of this is a bit on the serious side. Much of it is just for fun.

You are a soul-writer, if . . .

You see the world filled with colors, moods, interesting characters, endless questions and an abiding sense of amazement. Oh, yeah, and a healthy dose of humor.

You want to be published but, if you’re not, your writing continues onward. Perhaps you have a compulsion?

You think in images but need to describe them with words. The words never quite rise to the importance and vitality of the images. So, you do a lot of re-writing.

You want to leave your mark somewhere, somehow.

Your best thoughts are communicated by the written word and not by your mouth. The word is your muse. Your mouth is often an unreliable partner.

You would rather listen than speak. However, when you speak, you gush.

You just can’t stop that runaway imagination, and you really don’t want to stop it anyway.

You enjoy some quiet time, everyday. Boredom is not your enemy.

You like to read, broadly and for fun. You have genres that catch your eye, and your eye wanders regularly.

You have some itch in the back of your mind and, no matter how hard you try, it just won’t go away. Scratching just doesn’t seem to help.

You have learned to live with frustrations and make the best of them. Mostly.

Your intuition is pretty good and you listen to it.

You’re an artist but you just haven’t admitted it to yourself. Still, it feels good to repeat the mantra.

You have a big ego, or a little one. Your ego is not common, for sure.

You know you can write, you just know it! Why doesn’t everyone else know it?

Form-over-function works well for you.

You worry about commas far too much. Maybe you hate them. Maybe you’re drowning in them. Either way, you worry too much. They have a life of their own, so leave them alone.

You like to tell a story but you’re a bit uncertain about memorizing the lines.

They can beat you down, kick you around, sling you onto the dung pile but you just keep on writing. You can’t help yourself.


2 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Writer’s Test

  1. You’re a soul-writer if your partner has learned to consistently tell when you start shaping chapters, crafting paragraphs and honing your words in your head…and not paying attention to what she’s saying. Hilarious post, loved it!

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