Likeables: Now I Have to Go Swimming . . .

There are so many treasures buried away on blogs. It’s an amazing world of creativity and possibility. Here is one that caught my eye:

Cest Gigi

I’m a sucker for any writer who can do some self-poking, who can show a little smile about the world. Throw in a subject that is familiar and ubiquitous. Now, top it off with a great title. That’s a winner, for me.

Here are the first few sentences that made me follow this writer home:

I just heard on a show about the lottery that I am fifteen times more likely to be bitten by a shark than I am to hit the jackpot. I watch all kinds of things on television while I am writing. I am one of those people who have become addicted to background noise while I do something else. I don’t need it to be loud, I just need, well, I don’t know why I need it, to be truthful.

Here’s the post: Now I Have To Go Swimming To Hit It Big


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