Likeables: To A Dirty Old Man

English: Leonard Cohen, during the Geneva conc...

There are so many treasures buried away on blogs. It’s an amazing world of creativity and possibility. Here is one that caught my eye:


No, I’m not a poet. Far from it. When I read poetry, I usually look for simplicity, for something I can grasp easily and not work too hard to understand. I also want visuals dancing around inside my head. Then there’s the hook of humor. That’s what grabbed me about this creation.

Here are a few opening lines just to tease you. See the post for the rest of the poem. This was, for me, a good one.

Leonard Cohen, you dirty old sod,

you’re ancient and withered

but the ladies still want your bod.

You’re dirty and you’re eloquent

and damned to be a saint.

Here’s the post.


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