Daily Rituals

I’m completely in awe of this writer’s ability to create a daily schedule and stick to it. I’ve never been able to do so, although I know it would greatly benefit my endlessly wandering mind. Well done.

The Effective Writer

There are three drinks that shape my day. I use them to provide a sense of pacing and inevitability to my schedule that lets me balance all the curve balls life sends my way.

My alarm goes off at 4:30 each morning and I stumble reluctantly out a bed and walk my soon-to-be fiance out to her car as she goes to work. We live downtown in a large city, so she appreciates having a guy walk with her in the dark. I come back in and drink my first glass of water before falling back asleep at 5:00.

Every morning I drink that first glass of water, and there’s no better way of starting your day than with water. Staying properly hydrated is a big part of my writing routine.

At 9:00 my  other alarm goes off and I re-stumble out of bed and put on coffee.

This is…

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