Inspiration is a New Wall Oven

Interior of a modern oven

A really nice woman recently posted this comment on my blog:

You are right. Being human is important. I leave out the bad language, and then stay human, writing from my heart. I am verbose today because my new wall oven arrived today. We were without for about a month. (rubiescorner)

Now, read her last two sentences again, and again. This is a classic example of finding inspiration in what seems to be an everyday, mundane event. You may find it a bit humorous to read that the arrival of a wall oven can be a point of inspiration. But, ask yourself, why not? She anticipated a good event in her life, the day arrived, and the happiness of that moment provided her with an inspiration to write.

This lady gets it! In fact, she hits on more than the importance of overlooked inspiration. She also writes “from my heart.” From my point of view, this lady is a writer in her soul. I’ve never read any of her words but I understand her feelings about writing, and how the smallest events in our life can become powerful points of inspiration. Wherever her words take her, she will always be a writer.

It’s a mistake to “wait for inspiration.” In fact, it’s probably an excuse, although it’s almost certainly an unconscious one. We trip over a pebble trying to get to the seashore. The fact is, that pebble can easily be our inspiration.

Don’t wait for the muse. Go out and find her. She’s within your reach, every day, in those moments that shine with such subtlety.

Can you find them?


2 thoughts on “Inspiration is a New Wall Oven

  1. “Writing from the heart” is my favourite expression about writing, and my best kind of writing. Sometimes, as you say in this post, it’s a reaction to something small and everyday. Other times it’s the result of a long time of digesting and pondering something, but something can trigger a response so it’s always spontaneous writing.

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