Gregor’s Pilgrimage to Nepal

Jack the YakMany years ago, Gregor traveled to Nepal. He was in search of enlightenment. He also wanted to have his lobotomy blessed by the Wise Elders, and to strengthen international ties with this part of the world.

Gregor found many wonderful people in Nepal. During his stay, he was given a guide to help him acclimatize to this ancient, fascinating culture. Gregor’s  guide was named Jack. Here is a portrait of Jack the Yak taken on the day he met with Gregor for the first time.

Gregor and Jack became close friends. To this day, Gregor stays in touch, despite the obvious differences in language and culture. Gregor has never forgotten Jack and hopes that his old comrade and mentor shares the same wonderful memories of their time together.

The Nepalese are known for their generosity and friendliness. They open their homes and hearts to all who visit, even those who have suffered from failed lobotomies. Gregor quickly realized there was much to be learned from these wise, patient and thoughtful people.

Among the traditions of hospitality that Gregor experienced in Nepal was the giving of gifts. All guests are honored. No one is turned away and no one leaves with an empty hand.

Buford the PuppyThe most treasured gift given to Gregor was this cutie. Gregor named him Buford. He was believed to have been born in neighboring Tibet, now sadly closed to the rest of the world. Buford was said to have been of royal blood, a true and faithful companion for a lifetime.

Naturally, Gregor was pleased and grateful for such a wonderful gift. As Gregor and Buford left their many friends in Nepal, he could only think of what new and fantastic adventures had crossed their path. Gregor could not remember being happier. Buford was clearly excited about visiting a new country, and getting warm.

As time moved forward, Buford began to mature and develop into his fulsome robustness. Here is a picture of Buford during his Middle School years.

Buford in Middle School

What a handsome beast!

However, Buford was becoming rather protective of Gregor. Worse, he now weighed in at over 200 pounds and was not yet fully grown. Gregor began to struggle with food costs, grooming appointments, and a leash that would work for those long walks. Buford was patient throughout, always making the most of his new life in America. He was thoughtful, always kind, and everything was sorted out over the intervening years.

When Buford finally graduated from High School, he was ready to face the world on his own. Here is his school photo on that momentous day.

Buford Graduates

As you can imagine, Buford excelled at sports. He was particularly fond of football and became legendary for his offensive skills. Gregor was as proud as a father could be. Buford had not only survived the culture shock of leaving his homeland but had become fully integrated into our culture. He was his own man.

Buford went on to college. He continued to play football but was eventually sidelined when he allegedly bit an opposing quarterback. This was a controversial time for Buford, and for Gregor. However, it was only a minor setback.

Buford finally graduated college with honors. He became a respected mathematician and natural trail guide. Buford moved to Orlando, settled down, and began raising his own family. Naturally, Buford and Gregor remained close. Letters were written, calls were made, travel was regular.

As Buford matured, Gregor couldn’t help but notice how much he began to look like his old friend, Jack. The similarities were amazing and, to Gregor, very pleasing. Here is a recent photo of Buford in his Orlando back yard.

Buford as a Young Man

Gregor could not be more pleased. He is so proud of Buford, so thrilled that he has kept his roots alive and thriving, despite living in Orlando. Buford has become a force to be reckoned with, physically and spiritually. He is also quite handsome, eh?

Gregor will visit Nepal again someday. This time he will take Buford and his young family along for the journey. Nothing can stop them now, not even a failed lobotomy.

Gregor lives here.


4 thoughts on “Gregor’s Pilgrimage to Nepal

  1. Gordon Bennett, Michael!
    What the heck sort of … er … ‘scuse the crudity … dog … is Burford? I need to to be able to avoid such a scary critter if I ever go to Nepal … or indeed, Orlando! (With apologies to Burford who is probably a very nice chap).

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