Gregor’s Home Town Goes Big Time

Gregor lives near here

Gregor lives near here

Gregor is shy, most of the time. His keepers don’t let him roam around too much. They would be very upset if Gregor went missing, given the perils of his lobotomy.

But Gregor does like to party from time to time.

Each year, during the second weekend in July, Gregor is allowed to attended a massive event in his home town. Normally, it’s a quiet place, nestled in the woods. But once a year, the town struts its stuff for the world. That’s when Gregor can be seen in public. It’s the only time.

ParkThis is where Gregor can be found over that special weekend. It’s just him and about 20,000 of his closest friends.The event is held at the town community park.

The rest of the year, it’s impossible to find more than 20 folk roaming the street. There are no sidewalks, so street-roaming is common. Gregor believes it’s an idyllic place to live and not be harassed about his lobotomy. He has many friends.

What Gregor likes best about this park is that it’s completely community-owned and volunteer operated. That’s right. No taxes, no bureaucrats, no fuss, no muss. Just Gregor’s friends out there putting on a big party and taking care of the park. Gregor doesn’t like bureaucrats but he certainly loves this park.

There’s all sorts of interesting stuff going on at the July celebration. Gregor wants to tell you a little more.

Log RollingLogging is a tradition in Gregor’s home town. It used to be big business, back in the day. The traditions still live on with competitors from the local area and folks from far away.

There are many logging events, lots of excitement. Gregor has been known to swoon at some of them.

Gregor is especially fond of log rolling. If you look closely, you’ll see Gregor among the crowd in the background. He’s the guy with the white head wrap. Can you see him? Look very closely. He’s there.

Lawn Mower RacingHere’s a picture of another of Gregor’s favorite events. It’s lawn mower racing.

This is fast-paced, competitive and action-packed fun for everyone. These mowers are not your Mama’s mowers. They have been specially designed, tweaked, and made very fast. If you look closely, you’ll see Gregor’s head wrap sticking out of the helmet.

Do you see him? He’s there.

ParadeThere’s also a great parade through town. All the locals come to party. Folks from all over the area line the street. The parade is open to all. Since there’s only one street, no one ever gets lost.

Old cars, new cars, fire trucks, log trucks, bikes, motorcycles, tractors, and even horses all line up and romp through town. It’s a big, big show. Gregor is always at the parade.

Look closely behind the old-time car. Can you see him?

MusicThere’s lots of music. All kinds. Rock, folk, bluegrass. Players, singers and strummers from everywhere entertain the party-goers throughout the weekend. Gregor likes the music, very much. It makes him want to throw off his head wrap and dance, dance, dance.

You can’t see Gregor in this photograph. But he was there. He’s sitting in the very front row, tapping his feet.

Best of all, there’s food everywhere. All kinds of food. Real country food. Gregor likes it all. He moves from place to place, eating and drinking, meeting his friends and making new friends. Gregor always fattens-up on that weekend.

Gregor has a great time on those warm July days. If you should be in the neighborhood, Gregor hopes you would stop by and say hello. He would be pleased to show you around the park. He thinks you would love his little town, especially when it throws such a big party.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another year to meet Gregor and examine his head-wrap for yourself.

Here’s a hint.

Gregor lives here when he’s not at the park.


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