Gregor Endorses Vermin Supreme for Emperor

Vermin Supreme Loses NH

Our country is seriously divided. Gregor understands this because he has been tormented by division ever since his lobotomy. However, Gregor has found a solution that may work for the entire country – make Vermin Supreme our Emperor and all will be well once again.

Who is Vermin Supreme? Gregor knows, and he wants you to meet the man who could save us all.

Vermin Love Supreme cuts a colorful and unifying swath across all political circles. He has run for many elective offices. Sadly, he also has a long history of near misses. Supreme first became a central figure in 1988, when he ran for Mayor of Baltimore. That same year, he also ran for Mayor of Detroit and Mayor of Mercury, Nevada. Although always a potent contender, Supreme was unable to eek out a win from his many vigorous, precisely constructed campaigns. Gregor believes that the candidate may have spread himself too thin.

Pundits have noted that these failures may have something to do with Supreme’s presentation. Gregor disagrees. Supreme always appears in public with a boot on his head. His frequently repeated campaign theme, Ride Our Ponies Into The Future, was said to sometimes confuse and confound potential voters. There was also the omnipresent oversize toothbrush carried by the candidate at each campaign event. Some observers found these slogans enigmatic. Gregor got the point and believes that the vast majority of Americans would see these tactics for what they really are – important pointers to a future political landscape.

Vermin Supreme

Undeterred, Supreme continued his campaigning. In 2000, he achieved one of his lifelong goals of political power by declaring himself Emperor of the New Millennium. This was the seminal moment that pushed Supreme into the minds of all future voters. It also marked the moment Gregor officially joined forces with Supreme.

In 2004, Supreme campaigned in the DC Presidential Primary, collecting 149 votes. For the next few years, he was reluctantly dragged away from campaigning by the heavy responsibilities of Emperorship. This was a dark time for America but Supreme kept on task. He waited for the next moment, sure to come.

In 2008, Supreme surfaced to campaign in the New Hampshire Republican primary, where he received 41 votes. Sadly, he was outdone by political dirty tricks, although the candidate made no public complaint for the good of the electorate. Gregor knew the inside story but was guided by Supreme’s insistence on taking the high road.

Vermin Supreme getting his message out

Finally, in 2011, Supreme made his big move when he ran on the Democratic ticket for the 2012 Presidential campaign. He dominated an important political debate at the IGLO Dissidents’ Convention in April 2011. Between May 2011 and October 2012, Supreme appeared at several debates, countless personal events, and formally announced his new political organization, the Free Pony Party.

Although Supreme eventually lost the election, no one is sure of the actual outcome. The matter may someday be decided by the Supreme Court, as has occurred previously. No one is certain. Voting tallies were never made public and many Supreme supporters remain skeptical about the election process itself. Gregor was devastated, especially when our new President made no mention of the powerful Vermin Supreme campaign machine. Fortunately, both Supreme and his Free Pony Party not only survived the campaign but have continued to make an indelible mark on U.S. politics.

Vermin Supreme’s 2012 Presidential campaign website has been granted innumerable awards and is widely recognized for its informative and in-depth analysis of key political issues. It is a living legacy for what can be accomplished when Americans pull together. It is also Gregor’s favorite Internet stopover.

Along with countless other Americans, Gregor believes that the presence of Vermin Love Supreme on the political scene can be the single most healing factor in reuniting the divides in our country. He asks that you take whatever steps you deem appropriate and necessary to ensure the future Emperorship of Vermin Love Supreme.

Gregor lives here.

This informational message was brought to you by the Gregor Lobotomy Front on behalf of Vermin Love Supreme for Emperor.

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