I am a lifelong author in multiple genres, including true crime, mystery, and Native American traditions. I am also a freelance journalist and media consultant.

The Crows Dream blog is for, and about, writers and their literary creations.

Well, sometimes Gregor takes over. He lives here.

Michael D. Kelleher

(Yes, that’s a picture of me from a few years ago, prowling the mysteries of the Pacific Northwest, where I live.)


46 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. I’ve only discovered your blog recently but I’d like to share. If you’d like to accept, check out my blog post, which includes a link to your blog.

  2. Thanks for reading your blog. Most of my published work is short nonfiction, and I’m currently trying my hand at a fiction novel. I was involved in a rather sensational criminal case during the 90s, and have been considering the idea of writing about it from an insider’s perspective since the media focused on sensational claims by the defense that were outright lies. I’d be interested in seeing some blogs from you about the art of true crime writing. Just a hint!

    • Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I think you should try to follow up on true crime since you have some personal involvement. The genre has been good to me. I have a few posts about it here but I don’t like to hawk my books on the blog. The genre still sells well and there are some publishers who thrive on it. You’ll need an agent, of course, in case you don’t have one yet. You might also consider a series of articles for appropriate magazines. There’s always a good screenplay, too. So, you should have a few options to make it all work for you. Best of luck!

      • Hi Michael, I’m writing from WME with a film/TV rights inquiry into your book MURDER MOST RARE. Could you either let me know if the rights are available or provide me with contact information for your representation? Thank you!

  3. Michael, thanks for liking for my most recent post. I was very excited to see your blog name and photo. Crows are my second-favorite bird (I have parrots), and whenever I dream of crows, I feel I’ve been given an auspicious message, even if it’s “just” the gift their company. Also, your photo of the Pacific Northwest looks uncannily like a nearby stretch of 9W in New York State, an old pre-highway road that roughly parallels the Hudson River from Manhattan to Albany. So I thought, He lives close by! I can stalk him! Shucks. Seriously, your blog looks very interesting.

  4. Hello, Michael. Thanks for giving my blog a read. I am glad you enjoyed it. I’ve got 4 novels out and working on my 5th. Most of my posts are about writing and the business of writing, although i do wander into politics when the mood arises. You have a very interesting blog page and i will spend some time exploring your posts. Thanks again, Michael!

  5. Hello, Michael. This is a wonderful blog–it’s good to have a “blog station” for and about writers. We are an interesting species, no? We do such solitary work and yet long for a connection with a larger world. I’m enjoying seeing other peoples’ blogs here as well. Look forward to exploring all of your posts!

      • Okay, I’ve just spent the last hour reading nearly everything on your blog…and now I have to get back to work, but I had to tell you how inspiring it all is. Thank you for being so open with your workshops, ideas, suggestions. It has given me the courage to dive into the novel I’ve had in my head for at least a year (the idea of which came to me in a vivid dream). Perfect timing. And yes, I’m enjoying it here…from Italy.

  6. Heh there Michael,
    Thanks for the -like-.I know the genre may be different,but American Indian wise,a classic Book is Bury my heart at wounded knee.I was in Canada a few years back and a group of us were being lectured by a native indian. He mentioned that book,nobody except the Irish man heard of it :).

    Kind regards from Ireland.

  7. Good tips Michael . . .or is that gregor? Enjoyed the papal series. RE: My wife Francis said “well at least the new pope has a good name!” This comment is happening cause my wife (who hasn’t disappeared in plain sight) said to tell you she sent me here . . . I’m sure you know about listening to the women in our lives! All in all . . great blog!

  8. Hi, Michael! I’ve nominated you for the coveted WordPress 5 in 1 Award. If you want to participate, you can read the rules here: http://wp.me/p3sx1Q-dM. Participation is not required. In fact, you might be upset that I’ve nominated you, but think of it this way: with the 5 in 1, you won’t be nominated for any of them ever again!

    I’m also happy to announce that I’ve nominated myself, and won, the Eye of Yak Award. Thank Gregor for me!

  9. Hey, Michael — I tried tracking you down through the normal channels (asking around, sending up flares, asking around so more) but finally settled on this route of communication. I’d really like get a copy of my book off to you just as a way of saying “thanks.” You may feel it sends the exact opposite message, but I’d like to send it anyway. Contact me at my email address (nedhickson@icloud.com) so I can get the particulars without giving away your secret location — and sending all those crazy fans into a frenzy. If you’d rather I didn’t send you a copy, I understand and can send a fruitcake instead…

  10. Michael, where o where are you? We miss you and Gregor. Did you decide to stay in Verona, perhaps inhabit a balcony or two? Just want you to know that you are missed. Nina Hansen.

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