This is Gregor.

His self-lobotomy failed.

Gregor speaks with many voices.

He’s schizophrenic and irreverent.

Gregor should probably be locked up.

Gregor Barfs On Your Blog

Gregor Does Blog Barfing, Again

Gregor’s Pilgrimage to Nepal

Gregor’s Worry List

Gregor Spanks Geezers, Just a Little

Gregor Spanks Writers Groups

Gregor Spanks His Shrink

Gregor Endorses Vermin Supreme for Emperor

Gregor’s Dominatrix Cat

Dear Gregor, Am I Italian?

Gregor Spanks the History Channel

Gregor Curses Doomers

Gregor Does Submarines

Gregor Outs Papa Sainthood Scandal

Gregor Takes Revenge on Fed Drones

Gregor Channels Nixon

Gregor Demands Waffle Holster Tax

Gregor’s Family Album

Is My Dog An Alien?

Gregor’s Home Town Goes Big Time

New Papa Arrives

Cardinals Go Conclaving

Gregor Writes to the Pope

Can My IPad and Toaster Cohabitate?

Gregor Uncovers DIY TV Conspiracy

The Worst Book Ever Written

DC Stunner! Gregor New Weeper of the House

What is Great Poetry?

Gregor’s Caffeine Characters

Dear Gregor, Why Do I Flog?

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