Bene et Opportune Exitum


Even the seemingly unsolvable mystery offers an answer, somewhere, somehow.

Thank you for doing what was once believed to be impossible.

Wrongly so.

For your persistence, with boundless effort and not a small encounter with obsession.¬†For the cross-eyed view of routine that always clears the vision. It’s a gift and a power well used.

For keeping away from the obvious, the nay-sayers and the meaningless babble.

Together, your quiet wisdom and careful steps made it work out so well, so completely. I believe your rewards will be wonderful and lasting, and certainly deserved.

For all those who have been in contact over the years, accept a special thanks. You have done so much to keep the ship afloat and with a true rudder.

And those careful readers I have not met but wish I had the opportunity. Someday, perhaps.

It’s good to know the answers are now in the hands of others, each worthy and wise. I look forward to your words.

Even the final phrase has meaning.

Now, go ahead and have some fun. No mysteries, just the good times:

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